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God's Two Books Randall Younker 10/3 (Summer 2005)
Explaining the Auditory Cheesecake Bernard Brandstater 10/3 (Summer 2005)
Creation Through the New Testament Looking Glass Ekkehardt Mueller 10/3 (Summer 2005)
The Search for a Plausible Cosmology Mart de Groot 10/3 (Summer 2005)
Is Creationism Still Valid in the New Millennium? George T. Javor 10/3 (Summer 2005)
Toward a Collision With Eternity? Larry L. Lichtenwalter 10/3 (Summer 2005)
Creation and the Adventist Church Gerhard Pfandl 10/3 (Summer 2005)
No Excuse for Meltdown Gary B. Swanson 10/3 (Summer 2005)
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