The Relevance of Scripture for Issues in Marriage and Sexuality

To many observers, the weakening of the contemporary family and marriage, and the confusion over sexuality may be traced to contemporary erosion of biblical values.

Kwabena Donkor

January 1, 2023


A Reflection on the “Seventh Day”

The seventh-day Sabbath has the twofold function of witnessing the historicity of the past event of Creation and also of starting the human history.

Jacques Doukhan

January 1, 2023


The Significance of the Sanctuary in Scripture

The ultimate meaning of the sanctuary is personal communion with the God of the sanctuary.

Richard M. Davidson

January 1, 2023


The Sin Offering and Forgiveness

The death of Jesus Christ was undoubtedly the climax and fulfillment of the Old Testament sacrificial service.

Gerhard Pfandl

January 1, 2023


The Days of Creation

All creation was blessed when God declared it “very good.”

L. James Gibson

October 1, 2022


The Spirit of Prophecy in the Second Temple

The prophetic spirit or the spirit of prophecy is charged with the gift of prophecy.

Davidson Razafiarivony

October 1, 2022


The Tension Between the Second Coming and the Mission of the Church

God’s kingdom has already been vindicated, but the revelation of its power, the riches of Christ, and the manifold wisdom of God must continue until its final restoration.

Wilson Paroschi

October 1, 2022


The Decree to Restore and Build Jerusalem

The decrees of Cyrus, Darius I, and Artaxerxes I all contributed to the restoration and building of Jerusalem.

P. Gerard Damsteegt

October 1, 2022