What Shall We Say About Sin?

Paul’s Letter to the Romans contains the most extensive teaching on sin in the New Testament.

Martin F. Hanna

October 1, 2021


The Tree of Life and Ethics

The imagery of the Lamb’s book of life, blood-washed robes, tree of life, and access to the eternal city presents a wonderful picture of stability, security, and promise.

Larry L. Lichtenwalter

October 1, 2021


Joseph, Judah, and Jesus

Divine grace is an extravagant theme in Genesis.

Jo Ann Davidson

October 1, 2021


A God Who Sees and Hears the “Other”

God can work through other professed Christians who are not of the same faith community to accomplish His purposes.

Daniel Royo

October 1, 2021


The Meaning of the Fear of God

The fear of God is a highly doctrinal term, and thus should not be understood in the sense of everyday common language.

Jiří Moskala

July 1, 2021


The Personhood of the Holy Spirit

The plan of salvation makes sense only when the Holy Spirit is seen as a personal and equal member of the Trinity with the Father and the Son.

Christopher R. Mwashinga

July 1, 2021


Creation in the Book of Revelation

Revelation’s references and allusions to creation disclose a significant emphasis on the original creation as portrayed in Genesis 1 and 2.

Ekkehardt Mueller

July 1, 2021


Christ and Practice in Compassionate Ministry

Christ’s ministry was a ministry of comfort, empowerment, liberation, and reconciliation.

Anna Galeniece

July 1, 2021