Science and Faith

An honest approach to the philosophy of science and/or religion needs to admit to human limitations.

Leonard Brand and Arthur Chadwick

January 1, 2021


Genealogies and Biblical Chronology

Archaeological evidence indicates that the history of human beings on this planet is a fairly short history.

Gerhard Pfandl

January 1, 2021


What Happens to Us After We Die?

Seventh-day Adventists’ view of death places them in a minority of Christian groups.

Ekkehardt Mueller

January 1, 2021


What Did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross?

The answer to the meaning of the Cross depends on one’s understanding of the problem of sin.

Félix H. Cortez

October 1, 2020


Genesis and Creation in the Wisdom Literature

There is a direct connection between wisdom thinking and creation.

Ángel M. Rodríguez

October 1, 2020


Death as Sleep: The (Mis)use of a Biblical Metaphor

The Seventh-day Adventist Church inherited the belief in conditional immortality from the Millerite movement.

Wilson Paroschi

July 1, 2020