Christ in the Covenant Curses

The covenant curses are not contra grace, but clearly exhibit God’s love and justice intertwined.

A. Rahel Wells

April 1, 2024


Demonstrating the Great Controversy

At the end of earth’s history, the world is crying out for a demonstration of the mind of Christ.

Bob Stewart

April 1, 2024


The Torah Abstentions Today

The apostles’ explicit affirmation of the continuity of certain of the Torah’s abstentions should prompt reflection in Christian communions.

David Hamstra

April 1, 2024


Christians and Creation Care

Rich, foundational theology links the great Creator, this created world, and the Sabbath.

Jo Ann Davidson

April 1, 2024


Atonement in Communal Contexts

The purpose of the atonement was not merely to bring reconciliation between God and humanity, but was also to create a new community.

Kelvin Onongha

January 1, 2024


Sanctuary Colors Through Egyptian Eyes

God wanted to communicate certain messages in a natural way so the Hebrews could understand the more important messages of salvation through the sanctuary services.

L. S. Baker

January 1, 2024


The Case for Ağri Daği/Masis as the Biblical Mt. Ararat

That the biblical account does not actually name a specific mountain has led different proposals as to where Noah’s ark actually landed.

Randall W. Younker

January 1, 2024