The Meaning of the Fear of God

The fear of God is a highly doctrinal term, and thus should not be understood in the sense of everyday common language.

Jiří Moskala

July 1, 2021


The Personhood of the Holy Spirit

The plan of salvation makes sense only when the Holy Spirit is seen as a personal and equal member of the Trinity with the Father and the Son.

Christopher R. Mwashinga

July 1, 2021


Creation in the Book of Revelation

Revelation’s references and allusions to creation disclose a significant emphasis on the original creation as portrayed in Genesis 1 and 2.

Ekkehardt Mueller

July 1, 2021


Christ and Practice in Compassionate Ministry

Christ’s ministry was a ministry of comfort, empowerment, liberation, and reconciliation.

Anna Galeniece

July 1, 2021


General Revelation and Adventist Theology

Nature and history acquire a grander perspective from the vantage point of the Bible, and Scripture becomes more colorful and alive with the help of natural revelation.

Glauber S. Araújo

April 1, 2021


The Gospel and a Queen

God, without infringing human freedom to choose, can bring about a reversal of seemingly impossible situations.

Jo Ann Davidson

April 1, 2021


The Fading of Biblical Spirituality

The Bible offers a model for spirituality (union with God) through the sanctuary covenant structure, that offers a compelling and authentic alternative to other models of Christian spirituality.

Silvia Canale Bacchiocchi

April 1, 2021


Of Sticks and Stones

The gracious gift of the Sabbath commandment has a decisive meaning for the covenant relationship, as it is the sign of the everlasting covenant.

Daniel Kwame Bediako

April 1, 2021