General Revelation and Adventist Theology

Nature and history acquire a grander perspective from the vantage point of the Bible, and Scripture becomes more colorful and alive with the help of natural revelation.

Glauber S. Araújo

April 1, 2021


The Gospel and a Queen

God, without infringing human freedom to choose, can bring about a reversal of seemingly impossible situations.

Jo Ann Davidson

April 1, 2021


The Fading of Biblical Spirituality

The Bible offers a model for spirituality (union with God) through the sanctuary covenant structure, that offers a compelling and authentic alternative to other models of Christian spirituality.

Silvia Canale Bacchiocchi

April 1, 2021


Of Sticks and Stones

The gracious gift of the Sabbath commandment has a decisive meaning for the covenant relationship, as it is the sign of the everlasting covenant.

Daniel Kwame Bediako

April 1, 2021


Science and Faith

An honest approach to the philosophy of science and/or religion needs to admit to human limitations.

Leonard Brand and Arthur Chadwick

January 1, 2021


Genealogies and Biblical Chronology

Archaeological evidence indicates that the history of human beings on this planet is a fairly short history.

Gerhard Pfandl

January 1, 2021


What Happens to Us After We Die?

Seventh-day Adventists’ view of death places them in a minority of Christian groups.

Ekkehardt Mueller

January 1, 2021