The 1870 Purge of the Battle Creek Church

Sabbatarian Adventist ministers held the protocol in Matthew 18:15 to 17 as a guide for administering most types of church discipline.

Kevin M. Burton


Why We Don’t Worship Three Gods

Neither philosophy nor tradition should control the reading of Scripture.

John Reeve


The Meaning of the Sixth Commandment

This commandment is about respect for life, about life’s sacredness.

Jiří Moskala


The Letter to Laodicea and the Eschatology of Revelation

The message to Laodicea is unique in terms of its sustained and consistent clustering of eschatological images.

Clinton Wahlen


The Holy Spirit in the New Testament

The New Testament offers profound witness to central elements in the great metanarrative it reflects.

John K. McVay


“What Is His Name?”

The purpose of Proverbs 30 is to convey that those who are wise are keenly aware of the limitations of their knowledge.

Stephen Bauer


The New Testament and Transgenderism

The New Testament unfolds a theology of the body that places the human body in the context of worship and how we can best serve and please God.

Larry L. Lichtenwalter


Sanctification and Perfection—The Work of a Lifetime

Christians should rest secure in the love of God and be assured of their acceptance, in Christ, by the Father.

Denís Fortin