Volume 27 Issue 1 - January 1, 2022

The Nature of Humankind From the Very Beginning

The fundamental features of the nature of human beings are laid down in the opening chapters of Genesis.

Richard M. Davidson

January 1, 2022


Death and Future Hope in the Hebrew Bible

Death in the Hebrew Bible is understood as the end of existence.

Félix H. Cortez

January 1, 2022


Ellen G. White’s Statements on the Heathen Being Saved

Statements of Ellen G. White concerning the heathen’s destiny reveal four intertwined themes.

Andrew Tompkins

January 1, 2022


Who Decided Which Books Should Be Included in the Bible?

For both Testaments the books that came to be part of the biblical canon had their own self-authenticating authority.

Kwabena Donkor

January 1, 2022