Volume 27 Issue 2 - April 1, 2022

Kaaba and Sanctuary: Qur’ānic and Biblical Cosmic Centers

The truths about God and salvation from the heavenly sanctuary can express to the Muslim soul how God has provided everything.

Larry L. Lichtenwalter

April 1, 2022


The Nature of the Human Being in Christian Theology

The question “What does it mean to be human?” has challenged every age.

Frank M. Hasel

April 1, 2022


Why Theological Education Is Necessary

Theology really matters and has practical, long-term implications.

Jiří Moskala

April 1, 2022


Why Were Some Prophecies Not Fulfilled?

Conditional elements of biblical prophecy help us to see a sovereign God who is interested in the salvation of an estranged humanity.

Gerald A. Klingbeil

April 1, 2022