Volume 23 Issue 2 - April 1, 2018

Ellen White, Health, and the Third Angel's Message - 1

Ellen White’s statements on health, particularly in the physical realm, has shown that her words need not be misunderstood and are as sound today as when they were given.

By Warren A. Shipton

April 1, 2018


Roman Catholicism

A human being and an institution have been proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church as the embodiment of divine truth.

By Hans Heinz

April 1, 2018


SDA Vision and Mission

The engine propelling Seventh-day Adventists to organize and become the universal church was their theological vision and system.

By Fernando Canale

April 1, 2018


The Intercessory Ministry of Jesus Christ

We can come to Jesus with full confidence because whatever He does is for our salvation.

By Jiří Moskala

April 1, 2018